Gosh. Super sorry, this is happening to you, S.E. Cupp.

Poor thing.

‘My god,’ she says.

And yes, we’re pretty sure she deliberately wrote God with a lower-case ‘G’ since she’s an edgy atheist and stuff.

How dare those FREE PEOPLE go outside and do FREE THINGS over a weekend celebrating the brave men and women who gave their lives for our FREEDOM?! The nerve! The HORROR!

Ugh, and the media wonder why we hate them.

You mean the Cuomo brother who broke his quarantine when he was still contagious? Wonder if Cupp was this SHOCKED and outraged when he did that?

‘Clowns’ is putting it nicely.

Very remote at this point.

But you know, gotta keep that hysteria GOING.

Ain’t that some sh*t? The day AFTER Ralph Northam hints that he will make a decree that all Virginians must wear a mask when going into businesses (thanks to that jacka*s Mayor Stoney) the blackface expert was spotted at Virginia Beach sans mask and definitely standing closer than six feet to people.

And crickets from Cupp. Color us shocked.

So sit down.

Something in the water at CNN.


Thoughts and prayers for her, right?



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