As Twitchy readers know, Governor Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam visited the very busy Virginia Beach without a mask just over 24 hours after he talked about making it mandatory for Virginians to wear masks. Yeah, he’s an a*s-nugget of epic proportions and we’ll just add this to the list of stupid he gets away with because he’s a Democrat.

Except maybe this time he won’t get away with it completely because even Kirstie Alley called him out:

No. Ralphie trying to make 8.5 million Virginians wear a mask SIX WEEKS AFTER the COVID peak in Virginia is political.

Making fun of him for being a hypocritical dbag is not.

It’s accurate.

He is this editor’s governor as well, and tomorrow he may announce we all have to wear masks to leave our homes.

While he spent the weekend basking in the sun without a mask and definitely standing closer than six feet apart. You can’t take a selfie if you’re six feet apart, you know?

He just sucks.

Never gets old.

Sadly, the good people of Virginia can’t even hold an election over Ralph’s head because he can’t run again anyway.



There ya’ go!

Kirstie is just worried for Northam.

Hard to believe this is real life, right?



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