Sounds like Joe Biden’s comment to Charlamagne Tha God during ‘The Breakfast Club’ about how black people who don’t know if they’re going to vote for him ‘ain’t black’ did more damage than Democrats realized. Charlamagne was on with Joy Reid this morning and had this to say:


Yes, Democrats take the black vote for granted.

Yes, Democrats think they own the black vote.


Biden said the quiet part out loud and no amount of apologizing or claiming he was too ‘cavalier’ will change that.

It’s fascinating to read through the comments on this interview because they only support what he said about being told how to vote and what to do because ORANGE MAN BAD.

They proved his point:

Stop dividing?


So vote how we tell you?

C’mon you guys.

They really, really want this to go away.

Wonder why.

That’s not what he said, at all.

The racist white guy didn’t mean to be racist and c’mon, he said he was sorry.

It’s not that simple.

Democrats have a real problem here, a problem they’ve had for decades and instead of trying to fix it, they ignore or shut down those voices calling them out. Sounds to us like some people are done letting it go … we’ll see.



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