The New York Times has time and time again reminded us why they are the King of Repugnant when it comes to useless op-eds written so progressive wastes of space can pat themselves on the back for ‘fighting racism.’ Their latest dumpster of awful is a piece they released over Memorial Day weekend accusing the U.S. Military of celebrating white supremacy.

Hey, we said they were awful.

Ted Cruz, of course, slammed them far better than we can:

From The New York Times:

Military installations that celebrate white supremacist traitors have loomed steadily larger in the civic landscape since the country began closing smaller bases and consolidating its forces on larger ones. Bases named for men who sought to destroy the Union in the name of racial injustice are an insult to the ideals servicemen and women are sworn to uphold — and an embarrassing artifact of the time when the military itself embraced anti-American values. It is long past time for those bases to be renamed.

What a flaming, stupid pile of garbage on any day of the year. But to share it on Memorial Day weekend?

Get your head out of your a*s, New York Times.

And that’s what they’re doing.

NYT isn’t fit to line the cage of a bird. Yeah yeah, we know you know.



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