Richard Grenell is our new spirit animal.

True story.

It’s sort of like how we enjoy watching Kayleigh McEnany destroy the press … they don’t know how to deal with people in these positions who don’t mind punching back. So of course, they call them trolls.


We call them badas*es.

Look at this exchange between Richard and Dr. Andreas Nick, Head of German Delegation to Parliamentary Assembly:

Grumble grumble, we don’t like dealing with people who call us on our BS. *shakes tiny fist at the sky*

Richard responded quite politely:

He works for the American people.

What a novel idea.

And damn right, he does.

Another interaction we thought you’d enjoy:

They just can’t deal with him.

Hilarious, right?!

His response tells you WHY …


Ok, this editor may have done a teensy little fist pump reading this tweet.




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