CNN’s Jake Tapper was front and center doing his part to keep the panic porn around COVID going. The traditional media love to pretend Georgia is somehow KILLING GRANDMA because they opened up and never looked back …

He had to know this wouldn’t go over well, right?

Jake. C’mon, man.

From CNN:

What used to be typical summer pastimes are now potential breeding grounds for coronavirus.

A cluster of new cases emerged after swim party in Arkansas. In Atlanta, several recent prep school graduates also tested positive for the coronavirus, including one who had friends over for a graduation party.

In Arkansas, one of the few states that never enacted stay-at-home orders, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the state seemed to be experiencing a “second peak.” Despite the warning, crowds gathered over the weekend in Lake Hamilton, Arkansas, where Karen Lee said many people decided to forgo masks.

“We’re all just embracing it,” Lee told CNN affiliate KARK. “I could get killed by Covid today or I could get hit by a bus or a car tomorrow. I am practicing proper handwashing and hygiene.”

How dare those people do NORMAL STUFF!?! Don’t they know we’re all going to DIIIIIIE if we don’t stay inside and hide until the day after the election?!

Hey, we’re certainly not experts but looking at the data the cases don’t seem to be rising.

Maybe CNN has their own special data?



These people.

Ooh, ooh, we see why!


This is CNN.



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