Oliver Darcy really really really really really wants to be the new Brian Stelter.

Don’t look at us, man, we don’t get it.

At all.

For example, Oliver’s obsession with Fox News is almost at Stelter levels:

CNN talking heads are SO JEALOUS of Fox News because they know they can’t even begin to compete so they spend their time trying to discredit them.

Imagine how much better off they would be if they spent that time focusing on their own network and making their product better.

Janice Dean tried to politely explain how different people on the same network can have different opinions because you know, they’re not robots.

Or bots, like Jennifer Rubin.

Who knew?

But Oliver dug his silly little heels in:

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we might do permanent damage.

He can’t see both sides.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t work at CNN.


‘Dr. Oliver’ would be better off just admitting all he really cares about doing here is discrediting Fox News because he’s jelly that no one gives a crap about his silly little network. Especially since the airports aren’t nearly as busy these days.

Janice ended with this:

You keep doing you, Dr. Oliver.




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