Welp, Free Beacon came up with one of the most hilarious and clever ideas for a story we’ve seen in a long time … forcing a bot to read 1000 Jennifer Rubin columns and then having that same bot write a column of its own.

Besides the fact this is clearly bot abuse, damn that’s funny.

Take a look at this and good luck telling the bot from Jennifer herself.

In our opinion, this is the best part of the bot’s column from the Free Beacon (but to be fair, the entire thing is awesome and you should GO READ IT):

It does not have to be that way. In other words, the “elite” genocide is unwanted at this time, except by Trump. (I know, it’s a confusing subject.) Fox News and extreme friends of right-wing media injected toxic money online, thanks to gerrymandering in Georgia. Pathetic, but true.

Let’s be real: Biden’s basement exoneration. His campaign partner, Bernie Sanders, injured himself in U.S.S.R. He doesn’t have enough fruit to avoid death, according to capitalism poll. His brothers make noise. Fortunately for democracy, only Biden can rectify the coronavirus nightmare with nuclear empathy. Trump’s election disaster was reported by the Post, but democracy is at war with the consequences.

I can’t wait to support Mitt Romney, Democratic candidate for president.

So. Damn. Good.

If a bot read 1000 of this editor’s articles and then wrote one of their own all it would say is: REKT! OWNED! HOOBOY! YOUR MOM! OWN THE LIBS!

Not sure if that’s really funny or depressing AF.


Creepy, right?

And so lifelike, too!

We’ve all seen the Terminator movies.

Thanks a LOT, Free Beacon.



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