Wanna see a bunch of people absolutely losing their minds on Twitter?

Yeah, we get it, you see a lot of that from us here on Twitchy most every day BUT if you really want to see some people losing their shiznit look no further than the replies to Chris Cillizza’s tweet actually giving Trump credit.

You read that correctly.

We did a double-take too.

From CNN:

But it is still a fact that the only real path for Trump to a second term — and I continue to believe that path is quite narrow — is through a message that doesn’t try to make people like Trump but rather forces them to acknowledge that he is getting things done.

Trump is, quite simply, not likeable. He says and does things on an almost-daily basis that even many of his supporters think are over the line of acceptable conduct for a president or, really, for anyone.

Nothing will change that. Or certainly nothing that he can do between now and November. The only way he wins is to make the case that may not be your idea of what a president should look and act like but that he is someone who knows how to make change in Washington. (He also likely needs to disqualify Joe Biden, which his campaign is already working very hard to do.)

If that works, it would represent a fundamental change in the way in which we elect presidents.

Reading the piece, all Cillizza is really doing is explaining James Woods’ praise and why it’s working. He doesn’t really say anything all that positive about Trump himself.

BUT people are so pissed at him he’s trending.


Look at this nonsense:


Ugh, Schatz for Brains is one of the worst. And sorry, but Biden is a creepy jerk … also, notice he wants to blame Trump for mass death and the worst economy in our lifetimes knowing Trump had no choice but to shut it all down to SAVE LIVES.

This shows you exactly who these a-holes really are and what they care about, and it ain’t you or this country.

We told you, they are losing their minds.

Funny, ain’t it?


Any minute now they’ll start calling for CNN to fire him! ARGLE BARGLE RAR!!!

Hey, there it is.

The whole passive-aggressive dig at his employment.

To be fair, we’re starting to see why so many of these ‘journos’ fall in with the Left because HOLY CRAP, talk about a bunch of hateful, crazed, vengeful people. Perhaps they push the Left’s agenda because they’re scared of them?

This. Is. Nuts.



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