This NJ gym kicks so much A*S.


As we all know, New Jersey has some of the most draconian rules on the books around locking down and COVID, including the closure of gyms. Apparently, keeping people from being able to work out is somehow protecting them?

Anyway, The Atilis Gym decided to give Governor Murphy a big ol’ middle finger and open their doors anyway because c’mon, this is America. We’ll only put up with being told ‘no’ when it comes to our small businesses for so long.

And of course, since they broke the rules the cops showed up.



HOLEE Chit it’s good:

‘On that note … Have a good day and everyone be safe.’


If there was ever such a thing as a Twitter-gasm this editor just had one.

Sorry, we need a moment.



Most of the cops are as tired of this crap as we are.


Americans are done with this lockdown.

Sorry, not sorry.



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