We don’t need to see an article from the Washington Post to know the main differences between Tara Reade and Christine Blasey-Ford, but thanks Donna Brazile.

The biggest difference, of course, is that Tara Reade has witnesses who can corroborate her story and other evidence.

Christine Blasey-Ford didn’t have anything but a memory she proved wasn’t all that great.

The other big difference is that Blasey-Ford accused a Republican, and Reade dared to accuse a Democrat.

But you do you, Donna.

From the Washington Post:

In sum, Reade’s story is riddled with inconsistencies. There are plenty of contemporaneous witnesses (including those who would have received a complaint and say they did not) to dispute her allegations. Questions about her credibility abound.

“Believe women” does not mean we must be blind to facts or engage in willful blindness. Sexual assault is a crime. In our system of justice and in the court of public opinion, facts still matter, and not all allegations are equally meritorious. Some are downright false. With regard to Reade, it’s long past time the media stopped indulging in the notion that if you believe Ford, you must believe Reade.

Hurr DURR.

What did she think would happen when she shared this? Did she really think people would be like, ‘WHOA, the Washington Post is so right! Biden is totes innocent and it’s super different because he’s a Democrat and stuff.’

Maybe that was the point Donna was trying to make?


Aces, Donna.



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