Nancy Pelosi called Trump fat.

Yeah, we know, everything is stupid … but she did.

Basically, Pelosi claimed that since Trump is overweight taking hydroxychloroquine is more dangerous for him; who knew even meds could become politically motivated and yet, here we are. As we said, everything is really stupid and sadly we’re not seeing any signs of things getting smarter anytime soon.

Carmine Sabia wondered if S.E. Cupp would call Pelosi out for fat-shaming Trump:

And of course, since S.E. Cupp has remained totally consistent and objective in her reporting she absolutely called Pelosi out in the same way she’s called Trump himself out. JUST KIDDING. C’mon, you knew we were totally full of it, right?

This is what she really said:

Hey, at least Cupp isn’t pretending to be a rational libertarian anymore, right?


We tried.

No argument.

So many broken.

Oh, she’ll still complain when Trump says something ‘mean.’

Yeah, we haven’t seen that from Trump either. Sure, he’s called ugly and not-so-ugly women names (sorry, Joy Behar is no looker … IT’S THE TRUTH) and yup, he did talk about how some women will let rich and powerful men grab their vaginas … but the 50s housewife thing? Eh.

Thinking she may be virtue-signaling on steroids with that one.


Hey now, she works for CNN. Let’s not pretend any of them know a damn thing about consistency.



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