When you spend as much time as we do reading and writing about Twitter it’s easy to forget that there is ‘Twitterworld’ and then there is the ‘real world.’ Sure, gender-confused lizard people are screaming at you on Twitter about free college but in the real world they’re just screaming about free college, they leave the lizard thing online.



Anyway, Ben Shapiro was good enough to point out how different the big news stories in the real world are from the big stories in the Twitter world … and it’s hilarious:

That’s reality.

And here’s Twitter:

Ben nailed it, as usual.

Slaying queen … LOL.

But only if you’re a Democrat body-shaming a Republican.


We will NOT make a joke about her WaPo picture and how it looked like a Godzilla movie poster.


We made the joke by accident.

Our bad.



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