Sooo … apparently people can tweet in an accent. Don’t make that face, we’re not the ‘propaganda detector’ that Liz Burgh apparently is. We had no idea you could tweet in an accent.



Wait, it gets better.

Or dumber.

Harsh is not the word that comes to mind.

We are too but probably not for the same reasons Liz is.

Or, and hear us out, Tara doesn’t tweet well which is not unusual for someone in their mid-50s. This is not to be ageist because we know plenty of older people tweet, but someone who tweets like they talk? That doesn’t make them Russian.

So anyone with bad grammar on Twitter is now officially Russian.

Good to know.

Imagine having this much spare time on your hands OR thinking that this is a good way to use that spare time.

Because writing an article is just like writing tweets.

Nailed it.

*eye roll*

Or people write differently than they tweet.

Dun dun DUHN!

OMG SHE FOUND THE ACCOUNT OUT! The whole thing is a plot from the Russian government to take Biden down before the election so Trump can keep doing Putin’s BIDDING.

It amazes us that these people are able to tie their own shoes. We hate to break it to Liz but we’ve seen plenty of blue-check journos interact with this account including a Rolling Stone reporter who actually interviewed her.

But you know, RUSSIAN BOT.

Our thoughts exactly.



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