What if the COVID solution is more dangerous than the virus itself?

Alex Berenson, you’re friendly neighborhood lockdown skeptic, shared this information out of Oregon:

Huh, so if you lock people into their homes and prevent them from seeing their doctors and dentists that might not be a good thing for them mentally and or physically? WHO KNEW?! Oh, right, most EVERYONE at this point, minus a few Karens and idjits on the Left, that’s who.

From oregonlive.com:

More Oregonians died the past month than is typical in mid-March and early April, according to data released by state health officials, but fewer than half the excess deaths were officially connected to coronavirus.

In all, 245 more Oregonians died during the five weeks between March 16 and April 19 than during those same five weeks in 2017, 2018 and 2019, on average. During those five weeks, 78 Oregonians died from COVID-19, according to the state health authority’s official count.

Fewer than half were connected to COVID.

That’s … wow.

Have we done more damage to ourselves?

And yet states are still locked down.

It’s nuts.

This person is not unique in believing Democratic governors are deliberately shutting down their states to hurt Trump in the election. Especially when you see stories and data like this.

#ReOpenAmerica dammit.



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