As Twitchy readers know, Patton Oswalt made a fairly big jacka*s of himself on Saturday trying to shame Americans who desperately want the country to open so they can get back to their jobs and to their lives. Apparently, the out-of-touch, glorified voice actor (because that’s really what he) doesn’t seem to understand Americans aren’t just sitting home eating takeout and watching Netflix because many of them can’t afford to. He was roasted, but nobody hit him harder than Greg Gutfeld.

We can’t help but notice the majority of people lecturing Americans about staying home aren’t in any danger of going without housing or food …

Now, you’d think if Patton wanted to debate Greg he’d have answered him directly but NOPE. The ‘little actor who couldn’t’ took a screenshot of what Greg tweeted and argued it for his followers because that’s what cowards do. Greg managed to see the tweet anyway and blasted him again:

On the toilet, quietly weeping.

And now we’re dead.

Dude, walk away.

Surely Patton answered him directly this time, right?


Notice he addressed Greg but still doesn’t tag him.

What a vag.

What he said.


Greg took one final swing that ended the whole thing:

Patton eating cookie dough on the toilet … thanks for that visual, Greg.

Oh, and while he didn’t bother to ever address Greg directly, Patton did retweet his brother’s defense of him:


Let’s all hope Patton gets off the toilet sometime soon.



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