You might — might, but very probably not — know comedian Patton Oswalt from Comedy Central’s “The Heart, She Holler,” part of the channel’s late-night “Adult Swim” stoner TV lineup for a few seasons. And if you watch “Adult Swim,” you see a lot of fast-food commercials. Burger King is saluting everyone for staying on their couches, and every fast-food joint is offering free delivery — they need it to stay open.

Oswalt also seems to be of the mind that all Americans are being asked to do is watch Netflix, play video games, and have food delivered to the house — all things Anne Frank managed to do without.

But those same people who are working delivering food are doing it while you watch Netflix, and they probably consider themselves lucky to have work. Protesters are willing to risk viral death … if they consider the risk to be substantially lower than going broke by being told they can’t leave the house after 9 p.m. to walk their dog.

Maybe drive over to Nancy Pelosi’s for some ice cream … but make sure you’re allowed to drive from one private home to another first.

So as long as all you’re doing is playing video games and watching Netflix, be sure to catch Oswalt’s stand-up specials from which he’s getting his royalty checks.