Once again Drew Holden was good enough to put together a thread of the media doing their best to push ChiCom propaganda in the hope that it would hurt Trump. They have worked so hard to pretend the numbers China has been reporting around the COVID virus are accurate … like we should believe CHINA.

You know, the country that started this whole mess?

Now, this thread is really long but it’s worth the read.

Sure seems the media did everything it could to support CHINA.

Gosh, wonder why?

Oh, yeah, because orange man bad.

NBC News loves them some China dunks on America.



If the first wave doesn’t get you the SECOND WILL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Good Lawdy.

Urges Europe to learn from China.

You’ve got to be sh*tting us.


CNN is gonna CNN.

China’s numbers were dwindling? K.





Trump bad!

China good!

It’s almost like these yahoos were cheering for the damn virus.

How convenient.

Jeebus, Larry, and Moseph.

Yay China!

Then again, it IS Newsweek.



Did we say wow yet? Because WOW.

And they wonder why Trump gets so angry with them so fast.

As well as the rest of us.

This is just BRAZEN.



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