So why have we locked down for COVID again? Because if this thread Brit Hume shared on a specific study is in the least bit valid COVID is really nothing more dangerous than … wait for it … keep waiting … yeah, you can wait a little more … the FLU.

We know, we’re not supposed to call it that for some reason but once you read this thread you’ll see what we mean.

True believers.


Seriously, check this out:

Seroprevalance what now? Who?

Don’t worry, he explains it:

Here we go.

Hang in there, it’s worth it.

And that means …

Soooo like the flu.

Big time.

BOOYAH again.


Being shut indoors with other people is not always a good thing.

Things are going to start moving, folks.

The data doesn’t lie.

Stay tuned.



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