Every day we peruse Brit Hume’s timeline for stories and information the rest of the media is not sharing about COVID because it’s usually supportive of the country’s ‘opening up’ and getting back to business. Gosh, for some reason it seems like the rest of the media really doesn’t want us to get back to normal anytime soon.

Wonder why that is?

Could it be they hope to use the virus and the crisis to hurt Trump in November, right?

As usual, we found Alex Berenson on Brit’s timeline:

Why not one hundred eleventy BILLION?!

It’s incredibly clear Democrats keep moving the goalposts when it comes to reopening the country. At first, it was about flattening the curve to avoid overwhelming the healthcare system … and now suddenly they are claiming we have to stay shut down until they can guarantee a safe world? WTF?

Let’s not pretend the world was safe before this virus.

Americans are getting tired of waiting.



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