As Twitchy readers know, Alyssa Milano has had a seriously horrible week, especially with her inability to #BelieveAllWomen because one of them has accused the guy she wants to be president of the country. Guess that whole, #MeToo thing goes completely out the window if a Democrat is accused, right Alyssa?

Notice the date and time of Alyssa’s tweet:

Is it our imagination or does Alyssa have less than zero self-awareness?

Her own peeps (and a lot of Bernie supporters) were not exactly thrilled with her tweet:

Most of what Alyssa tweets IS beyond parody but we digress.

Because you know, right-wingers always listen to Alyssa. We get what they’re trying to say here but c’mon, hold her accountable without the paranoid nonsense about the right. It’s doable.

But Joe deserves due process or something.

Imagine if she’d have extended the same to Brett Kavanaugh.

Orange man bad though.

So much for that whole ‘zero tolerance’ thing.


Serious ouch.

Ok, so we pointed out the date and time of Alyssa’s tweet so you’d take note of the date and time of Creepy Uncle Joe’s accuser’s tweets calling Alyssa out:

Note: While we can’t say for certain that this account is Tara Reade since Twitter has not seen fit to verify her (color us shocked), it would appear plenty of folks in the media believe it’s her, like Krystal Ball:

So as you can see, things are going swimmingly for the little political activist who could.

Or couldn’t.



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