It’s Tuesday and you know what that means?


Just kidding.

Well, maybe not. You guys remember ‘Taco Tuesday’, right? When we used to go places and do stuff? Welp, what we mean by calling out Tuesday in our article is we’re fulfilling our promise of covering the great Sean Spicier parody every week at least until we’re all out of lockdown. Gawd, it sounds like we’re in jail.

Anyway, this week Spicier’s timeline doesn’t disappoint as usual. We still sit and shake our heads that people continue to fall for the schtick and then we quietly thank the Twitter Gawds that they do.


We see a punchline but it ain’t Spicier.

Just sayin’.

If they’re not trying to make fun of him for dancing they’re babbling about his dressing up as the Easter Bunny.

Predictable and unoriginal, all in one.


They really don’t understand how government is supposed to work in this country.

You know who’s dumber?


Because GOD FORBID Americans have some hope.

They really are disgusting and this crisis has shown their true colors.

They’re such emotional little things.

Oof, Values Voter got Spicied?


Imagine dunking on a parody and calling them a joke.

The irony.

See?! Always the dancing digs.


We told you.

Pope? Huh? People are starting to get stir crazy.

Stir crazier?

Good job, blue check!

Your weekly dose of Sean Spicier. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Hang in there with us, folks!




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