If only James Woods would tell us how he REALLY feels. Heh.

As Twitchy readers know, Jake Tapper for whatever reason quote-tweeted anti-Trumper and all-around troll George Conway earlier today when he called Trump 100% insane. Tapper, of course, tried to walk it back but Mollie Hemingway, Margot Cleveland, and many others were having none of it.

But nobody swung quite as hard at Conway (with a side-jab at Tapper) as James did:

Tapper tarnished his credibility long, long, long ago but retweeting Conway’s garbage didn’t do him any favors.

Conway is a boil on the butt of humanity.

But you knew that.

Fair question.


That one’s gonna leave a mark.

Wait, ours too.

Double oof.

It was NOT a great look for Tapper.


We doubt she takes anything he says seriously, she’s clearly the smarter of the pair.

A that’s not sayin’ much.



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