Earlier today, Jake Tapper not only retweeted George Conway calling Trump ‘100% insane’, but he quote-tweeted him saying, ‘Noteworthy comment on folks in the administration from a Trump critic who would know.’ Gosh, we’re not fancy journalists like Jake but that kinda sorta sounds like he shared Conway’s statement because he thinks he’s some sort of expert and might even agree with him.

Jonathan Turley (who is far smarter than we are) tweeted this about Jake’s quote-tweet:

Media is campaigning against Trump rather than covering him.

Damn, that is spot freakin’ on.

So much so that Jake responded.

We see you, Jake.

We all do.

Margot Cleveland took him apart in a threadette:

Added his own reporting


Noteworthy makes Conway’s tweet sound even more important and even factual, right? It wasn’t just a retweet, it was a quote-tweet.

And we like her use of ‘nutso’.


Whoda thunk it?

In other words, Jake would be better off admitting he retweeted the troll aka Trump critic George Conway because he agrees with him.

The rest is just embarrassing noise.



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