Steak-umm is not only delicious but supported by people who can think for themselves.

Who knew?

This is definitely NOT the type of thread you’d expect to read from a company that sells delicious, frozen, steaky goodness which makes it even more interesting.

Take a look:

Meta-analysis … what?

Very true.

Are they saying don’t trust the media? Because it sort of sounds like they’re saying don’t trust the media.

Fair point.

Ding ding ding.

Had to check once again that this was really from Steak-umm.

We are living in strange times, folks.


We’re not sure we can take another ‘deep thread’ from Steak-umm but if you’re so inclined by all means follow the other thread.

Normally we do not include tweets like this but this is pretty spectacular … if we can help our fellow Americans right now, we should be.

Told you guys this was OUT there, and so worth a read.



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