CNN talking heads like Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy spend an awful lot of time whining about Fox News in general. We swear, those two ‘Man-Karens’ must watch more Fox News than this editor’s 80-year-old father in law. Seriously. Oh, and who could forget the ‘anonymous’ letter someone magically left to harass the OAN reporter as well?

Seems a very CNN thing to do, just sayin’.

Anywho, Megyn Kelly finally had enough of their bellyaching and used ‘objective news anchor’ Don Lemon to just HAMMER them:

But Fox News BAD!


This may well be true, CNN didn’t have a single show in the top 20 during the first quarter.

Now, we could include the morons screaming at Megyn for DARING to call Don Lemon out BUT we figure you guys read enough stupid every day as it is. If you are interested in seeing even more stupid than usual check the haters on her tweet or check the trend because she is indeed trending.

Truth hurts. *shrug*



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