You know it’s bad when even your local papers are calling you out …

Seems Detroit News is less than thrilled with the way Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been dealing with the virus in her state.

At least the political side:

From Detroit News:

But she’s also assumed the role of designated Democratic attack dog in this crisis, appearing almost daily on cable news shows to criticize the administration’s handling of the virus response.

That creates confusion about whether Whitmer is advocating for her Michigan constituents, or carrying out her duties as co-chair of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, or worse, serving her own ambition to be vice president.

Trump apparently thinks it’s the latter. He’s singled out the governor for particular disdain, repeating often the unsupported claim that Whitmer is mishandling the crisis in her state. Last week he demeaned her by referring to her as “the woman from Michigan.”

She responded by showing up on a late night talk show wearing a t-shirt bearing those words while disingenuously declaring that this is no time to play politics.

No time to play politics.

As she grossly plays politics.


But c’mon guys, orange man bad.




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