We hate to break it to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but COVID doesn’t give two squirts what color someone is. That’s the thing about viruses, they are for the most part sort of equal-opportunity infectors. But we know, she’s got an agenda to push and a crisis to exploit so here we are.

She’s been trying to push this silliness for days now.

So it’s not hitting neighborhoods where the majority of residents are white?

A racist virus, who knew?

AOC and her COVID is racist world salad never gets old. Ok, it does, but we keep laughing anyway.

This seems a really sad and desperate point to try and make when thousands of people of all colors are dying from this monster.

And in her evil, confusing garbage disposal as well.

Remember when she told everyone racism over COVID was putting Chinese restaurants out of business and encouraged New Yorkers to go out and eat?

Good times.


Because that’s all she’s got.

Well, that and how evil capitalism is but that’s another story.



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