Senator Chris Murphy is working overtime to play politics while the country remains in a constant state of fear and hopelessness because he’s a horrible, disgusting, boil on the butt of humanity. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see something supportive and helpful from the Democrats instead of a bunch of half-truths they think will hurt Trump?

Chris is being incredibly sideways with this tweet:

This program was funded by a grant of roughly 200 million dollars. Over the past several years they have spent 198 million of those dollars … and somehow managed to completely miss the COVID virus. Trump did not ‘shut the program down,’ they just didn’t receive any more funding. Ironically, the only reason we know so much about this is because Don Lemon accidentally spilled the beans on his show. Granted, Don was trying to hurt Trump as well buuuuut it didn’t quite work out that way for him.

Others were quick to call Chris out as well:

So basically Nancy Pelosi shut the program down.

Huh, whoda thunk?


Chris knows it’s not true, he just assumes the people who follow him are too dumb to know any better.

And sadly, in a lot of ways, he’s right.

Thanks for reminding us you’re nothing but a hack, Chris.



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