Major props and thanks to Jason Beale for doing the job most other Americans won’t do … watching Don Lemon’s show.


Seems Mr. Lemon interviewed Emily Baul of the LA Times about a research program the Trump administration shut down called PREDICT. Now, we’re pretty sure Lemon wasn’t trying to make the president look BRILLIANT for shutting this thing down (it was definitely an attempt at blaming him once again for the Coronavirus) but well, by the end of the segment they’d all but made the president’s case for him.

Take a look.

Hrm, alrighty.

Fair enough.


Keep reading.

Indeed it did.

Wait, what? $200 MILLION DOLLARS?!

Here it comes.


Steller interview, Don.


What he said.

Ahem. Yup.

Yeah, Don Lemon was trying to make Trump look stupid buuut …


Man, if we don’t laugh we might never stop throwing up.



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