This thread from GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is an oldie but a goodie so we thought we’d go ahead and write about it now, since so many in the media and on the Left are claiming Trump didn’t act quickly enough with COVID.

The latest narrative is that he was too busy golfing.

Or something.

Yeah, they’re annoying a-holes but you knew that already.

Take a look at this ‘timeline’:

January 7.

But you know, Trump bad.

Keep going.

And showing off their shiny new Nancy Pelosi pens.

Because of course, Chuckles did.

Just 11 days before WHO was still claiming the virus wasn’t contagious.


Impeachment was all that mattered to Democrats.

Gosh, why aren’t we seeing this being covered in the media? Imagine if the parties switched places and it was Republicans who pushed impeachment of a Democrat and ignored the virus? We’d see nothing but REPUBLICANS PUT POLITICS OVER SAFETY and other melodramatic nonsense.

But since it’s Democrats and Trump?



Ok, so there is a whole lot more to the steps the Trump administration has taken during this virus crisis but what this thread really shows is that if there was any group of people not taking this virus seriously enough in the early stages it was the Democrats.

Not Trump.

Sorry, not sorry.



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