Alyssa Milano is on a roll.

And not a good one.

First, she embarrassed herself with claiming #MeToo is being weaponized, then she got called out (dragged really) by Rose McGowan, and NOW she’s raging about the Peter Navarro COVID-memo from late January that warned of the dangers the virus could pose to America. You know, the same time the Trump administration took action to protect the country from the virus with travel restrictions and forming a task force but you know … RAGE!

To be fair, the media seem to have completely screwed up Trump’s timeline when it comes to COVID and if she’s been relying on those losers for her information then she probably didn’t know.

But still, bad tweet.


January f*cking 31.


She really needs to start paying attention if she wants to pretend she knows what she’s talking about.

That. ^

F-bomb and all.



Good times.

Orange man bad!

Oh yeah, WHO really hosed the world with that one.

Seriously, Alyssa, pull your head out of your bubble-arse and look around … you might learn a thing or two.



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