Once again media have shown us who they really are.

It must be nice to have so little to actually worry about that you can spend your time trashing the president and any and all efforts he and his administration make to get our country through this unprecedented pandemic.

Talk about privilege.

Tweep @JimDelRey put together a fairly exceptional thread on the media’s behavior during the COVID-19 crisis … Brit Hume actually shared it to his timeline and we don’t often see him do that with ‘randos’. Don’t take offense to ‘rando,’ that just means an account Twitter hasn’t verified.

But reading this, we can see why he shared it:

Poor Aaron. How did he make it through?!

Yes, we’ve come to the conclusion that Ali sucks … but we digress.

It’s all they have.

To be fair, it’s all they’ve ever had, it just seems even more annoying right now as millions of people fear for their families and their futures.

They really think the Separation of Church and State is in the Constitution. Hey, nobody ever accused them of being the brightest crayons in the box.

The Kennedy Center who went on to ‘lay off’ their musicians after securing $25 million from Nancy Pelosi.

Larry really has fallen far since Trump became president. He’s sort of like the angry old guy everyone ignores at family reunions.

When we used to have family reunions.


Hey, we’re not professional chefs but we watch a lot of Chopped so yeah …


Getting douchey.



The ‘Boomer’ version of the clap emoji.

Told you, great thread.



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