You know when the media is working overtime to push a story that makes Trump look responsible for two elderly people ingesting fish tank cleaner causing one of them to DIE there is likely waaaaay more to the story.

And as usual, our dear, good, friends in the media didn’t do their homework on this one. Likely because they couldn’t stop salivating at the idea of blaming Trump for another death because … wait for it … ORANGE MAN BAD.

Techno Fog put together a fairly damning thread about the wife who blamed Trump for inspiring them to take the cleaner:


Especially if she had fairly serious health conditions already.

Keep going.

Surely she’d have called a doctor before feeding her husband fish tank cleaner, right?


Melatonin isn’t really a biggie but the other two … COMBINED?


Nothing to see here, nope.

Furious. All. The. Time.

Something is very off here.

It would have been very inconvenient for those blaming Trump for this situation if the woman in question was a huge donor to Democrats.

So much for that whole narrative that Trump influenced them to take the fish tank cleaner, eh media? They’ll be posting corrections and apologies any day now, right?




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