You know the Left (including the media) is beyond broken when you see them openly mocking a man and his entire company for stepping up to make hundreds of thousands of masks during a pandemic, and all because he’s religious and a Trump supporter.

God forbid the guy believe in … God.


Carol Roth lit them all up:

Get ’em, Carol.


WE KNEW there was a Church of Bigfoot out there!


And she’s absolutely freakin’ spot on. We don’t care who or what you worship, if you want to help Americans when we need it most, huzzah! Thank you! Ignore the haters.

Oh, look, Ali Velshi tried to shame Carol as well … the dude is quite the annoying, anti-Trump, scold:

*eye roll*

So sit down and shut up, Ali.

There, we said it for her.

Whoa. Minds BLOWN.


Welp, good to see people still have their sense of humor right now.

We need it.



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