As if the coronavirus panic and hysteria weren’t already insane, people deliberately spreading fake stories to inspire even more fear for clicks and taps seem to be all over social media. Why do that? People are scared enough, and with some state governments shutting down restaurants and bars, the last thing we need is panic peddlers making crap up to make things worse.

Carl T. Bergstrom, a professor of Biology from the University of Washington, wrote about a made-up story in a pretty amazing thread that illustrates how important it is to ask questions and push back if and when something seems off:

Wow, that sounds really really scary out of Seattle, right?

Remember what we said about nameless, faceless experts or sources?


And guess what … nobody confirmed.

Plenty of health professionals from the Seattle area did dispute the claim though.

Of course.

Now, why oh why would he delete his entire thread? Aren’t we teetering on the precipice of even worse destruction? Hrm.

But not before it terrified thousands of people.

This. ^

It’s been interesting, watching how angry people get at anyone trying to calm things down and questioning any sort of panic-inducing narrative.

Be safe.

Be cautious.

Question everything.



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