You guys remember Andy Slavitt right? Forget that he was in charge of one of the biggest failures in our government’s history, but just last week this same guy was called out for writing another terrifying thread about a bunch of nameless, faceless experts on coronavirus and his only source was some piece from a few college professors.

Because you know, college professors are never biased or anything.

Welp, Andy has written ANOTHER thread to scare everyone because that’s just the sort of dbag he is.

Note, we’re only writing about it as a reminder of when someone like Andy writes something like this to always ask yourself what he’s trying to really do:

Which cities?

Which state and local officials?

According to whom?



We’re not Italy, Andy.

Wait, people aren’t terrified and staying at home and destroying the economy?!



And we wonder why people are panic-buying.

We thought he was talking to mayors and governors? AND LOOKIE HERE, he’s calling for them to expand Medicaid.

Remember when we said to ask yourself what they want?

There it is.

Panic panic panic.

Prove it, Andy.


Which cities? Which states?


Not a single source.

Name the experts, Andy.

He can’t.

You know what … we can’t even with this thread. He continues to babble on about the end of the world because Apple stores are closing earlier than usual but we think you’ve seen enough of his ridiculous fear-mongering. This editor is screenshotting all of his tweets so if and when this does not come to pass we can hold him accountable for yelling fire in a movie theater.

Seriously, Andy.



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