Because OMG we all need to laugh.

So badly.

Coronavirus can’t keep a good parody down, thank God. Our favorite parody going on four years now (right?!) Sean Spicier has been very, very busy infuriating and embarrassing the Left. From tweets about the coronavirus to immigration to Trump’s USA hat and everything in between … the man knows how to entertain.

And infuriate.


When someone doesn’t realize the reason the account isn’t verified is because it’s a parody.


Too much info.

Imagine being that angry over a hat.

Thinking he meant ‘our will.’

And ouch.

They are obsessed with his dancing. It’s so weird.

Brent with a deep tweet.

Speaking of learning nothing …


The irony.

They really still think it’s him.

Look out, she’s angry!

Yeah, bruh.

Yeah, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Blue checks … love it.

Or in politics.

Slow Joe.

Yeah, racist.

And yet soooo far.

HA! *Warren*


Leave the bunny suit alone.

She’s missing more than a comma, just sayin’.



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