As Twitchy readers know, Comey pal Benjamin Wittes wrote a really stupid thread comparing Trump firing employees to the Holocaust. Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the thread and in fact, we mocked it.

A lot.

In his thread, Wittes tries to paint agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as victims because mean ol’ Trump keeps talking about their text messages and inappropriate relationship. How dare the president hold them accountable for texting about an insurance policy to keep him out of the White House.

And since Page has done nothing but play the victim card since joining Twitter this thread got her attention.

Of course.

Lisa just keeps putting her foot in her mouth over and over and over again. It’s as if she is clueless about how angry millions of Americans are at her and her lover (gross, sorry) Peter Strzok for what they tried to do to their lawfully-elected president.

Maybe though some of the responses to her tweet will give her a clue?

Note, these aren’t even the meanest responses.




She really does.

They all do.


And yuck.



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