It’s ok, it was just a GOP tent.

No big whoop, right media?

The only thing we’d see from CNN is how Trump’s hate is fueling division and even domestic terrorism. There would be protests in the streets of DC with yahoos holding signs of Trump as Hitler and Hillary Clinton would find some way to tweet something uber-cringy about Russia and America deserving better.

Stephen Miller nailed it:


We love the visual of Jim Acosta chaining himself to the WH fence.



So much THIS.

Terror in Jacksonville.

This is so damn spot on.

Ding ding ding.

You guys saw that, right? Yeah, one of Pete’s major supporters wanted to withdraw her vote for him after she learned he is gay. Can’t help but notice that wasn’t a giant headline all over the place …

Schiff would be insisting Trump must be impeached because of violence like this.


We’d laugh because this is pretty damn funny but considering how whacked the media is these days about Russia (and most everything) it’s definitely a possibility.



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