Elizabeth Warren saying America needs ‘race-conscious laws’ during the last Democratic Debate is almost as scary as the Project Veritas footage of Bernie Sanders staffers talking about how Gulags weren’t all that bad. Maybe Liz missed it, but Democrats already had race-conscious laws in the past and that didn’t work out so well for minorities.

Kimberley Strassel tweeted:

We recall something about being judged by the content of our character versus the color of our skin … something like that? She continued.






Like Jodi did here:

We know it’s not nice but all this editor can think of while reading Jodi’s tweet is HURR DURR.


They never learn.

There it is.

Oh, honey, no.


Not at all.

RIGHT?! A woman who lied about her heritage is the one pushing for race-conscious laws.

Hello, Liz, meet irony.

Not good when she’s even confusing Dems.

JFK would never stop throwing up if he saw this mess. Then again, today’s Democrat Party would likely toss JFK out for being too moderate.



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