Lefties are not pleased with SNL for joking about Pete Buttigieg being a #WhiteObama, and not because they don’t want the ‘little mayor who couldn’t’ getting teased. No no, they’re mad SNL would even joke about Pete being close to a white Obama.

The bit itself is toward the end of the skit at the 8:15 mark …

Gotta be honest, this whole thing was pretty damn funny BUT the big takeaway for Twitter seems to be the joke about Pete being #WhiteObama. Ironically, the tag is trending ironically which is exactly what ‘Pete’ didn’t want to happen.

We’re not sure if this is freakin’ hilarious or just really sad for ol’ ‘I know they call me Mayo Pete’.

A little bit of both, perhaps.

We knew too.

Poor Pete.


They are so pissed.

It would appear they did not find this joke funny …

Like, at all.

And once again we are reminded the Left has no sense of humor.

Good times.



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