Because you know, America should totally look to Finland for how to run our country.

Or not.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to think this is the bomb-diggity though. Of course, it IS basically socialism so right in her wheelhouse:

We don’t want it to be.

So there’s that.

Then fellow squad member Ayanna Pressley showed up to make a joke about being ‘radical’.

Because you know, socialism isn’t radical.

Then Ilhan Omar chimed in:

We just wrote a story about this woman wanting to give everyone the benefits of the G.I. Bill, even if they don’t serve.

Yup, this editor made that same face.

AOC came back in with the ‘clapback’:

This could also be a nod to Obama and his ‘Audacity to Hope’ crap but either way, all these ladies really did was set themselves up for some major trolling, in essence, becoming the butt of their own joke.

That’s their go-to for everything.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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