The DNC has a serious Bernie Sanders problem because while they may not want him as their presidential nominee it’s becoming abundantly clear their voters do.

At least in Iowa.

The Leftist media has done their part in burying the Bernie popularity (of course) so it only makes sense that Byron York and Brit Hume come forward to do the real work and reporting on the Iowa Caucus:


But we were told it was too close to call! AP said so!

Whaddya know?

The DNC doesn’t want to believe that but from what we’re seeing, it’s true.

They want free stuff, they don’t really understand what socialism is.

At least we hope that’s the case.

The Popular Vote is the one they love to push, so this makes total sense.

DNC is trying to screw Bernie … again.

Let’s hope he gets an even bigger house in the deal this time.



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