We can’t help but feel a little bit of deja vu watching the Iowa Caucus mess this week. It’s almost as if the DNC is trying to do to Bernie what they did to him in 2016 …

Wonder whose turn it is this time since it was Hillary’s turn last time.

Considering they got away with this crap in 2016 they probably thought they’d be AOK trying it again, but even the Left eventually sees the writing on the wall, especially when it’s in crayon. They know something strange is afoot in Iowa and the DNC in general.

Especially when they see tweets like this from a Precinct Captain.

So the math doesn’t add up.

Whoda thunk it.



Seeing a pattern here.

We were told it was Russia’s fault.

Wait, Trump’s fault?

No, 4Chan.


And another one that was wrong.

Democratic process is a mess.


DNC has some ‘splainin’ to do.



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