Now we see why AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley were making snide remarks about being radicals.

This is some terrifying stuff, folks. Seriously. Yeah yeah, this editor tends to be a tad bit dramatic BUT this really is screwed up. Better yet, just watch Tucker Carlson go over the piece of legislation and even quote it word-for-word in some parts … and then remind everyone you know to get their arses out and vote in November.

Umm … yikes, right?

They want to make it where illegal immigrants can’t be deported even when they break the law. Granted, being here illegally is breaking the law in the first place but we digress.

Democrats have lost their party to socialists.

Sorry, not sorry.

‘Right to Come Home.’

That’s cute.

And we get to pay for their transportation, lucky us!

Ok, is it just us or are these House Democrats seriously and completely effed in the head?

Hey, at least they’ve stopped pretending to be the party of JFK.



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