Seems AOC missed the point … again.

Last week, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed no one can pull themselves up by their bootstraps people came out of the woodwork explaining to her how yes, yes they can and do in America, every day. Carol Roth especially went after the sweetheart of the Socialist Democrat movement starting the hashtag #IBootstrapped where people told their stories of hard work and success.

Welp, seems Alex from the Bronx learned nothing from what she was seeing in social media because this is what she came back with.

Nobody was mocking the poor, you nitwit.

We were mocking YOU.

This. ^

Her self-awareness may well be less than zero at this point.

AOC leaves out the part about how people get trapped in a cycle of dependence and poverty when they rely on the government for their basic needs but we digress.

But her Green New Deal! New Way Forward Act!


She just doesn’t get it.

Why not both?


Sensing a theme here, Sandy.


She does, doesn’t she?




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