Nancy Pelosi gave what many are calling one of the most insane pressers EVER this morning, but we’re hardly surprised. Democrats have had one horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad week what with the Iowa debacle, Trump’s kick-a*s SOTU (where Nancy totally embarrassed herself), the Senate acquitted the president …

And it’s only Thursday.

Dana Loesch came out swinging:

Democrats as a whole have been maliciously misrepresenting Trump’s comments in Charlottesville.

Then again, they maliciously misrepresent most of his comments so this isn’t exactly shocking from ol’ Nancy.

Remember when Nancy did nothing after Ilhan Omar made several anti-Semitic comments and even DEFENDED her claiming she didn’t know any better? Good times.

What she said. ^

That’s key, her voters, THEIR VOTERS, got nothing. Democrats have spent so much time trying to remove a lawfully elected president that they’ve completely neglected the very people who put them in power. And now that they failed at doing what they promised to do, we’re going to see a lot of them grasping at straws.

Sad but true.

They see through you, Nancy.



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