What happened to S.E. Cupp? Did Trump winning really break her as much as it did other pundits? Or is there truly something in the water at CNN?

Whatever the reason, she just doesn’t seem like the S.E. Cupp we used to know and admire.

Did she really think this tweet to Romney telling him not to worry about sellouts and hypocrites was smart considering how many folks seem to think she’s a hypocrite and sellout?

Yeah, Romney, don’t worry.

Pay no mind to the cowards … el oh el.

And really, brave and principled?

Oh YEAH, remember that? It was Grenell, who Trump later made an ambassador.



Then again, responses to her tweet, in general, were pretty brutal:

Eh, that sums it up nicely.


She went full-out CAPS LOCK! Bette Midler loses her ever-loving MIND (even more) over Trump’s pinned tweet (Acosta too!)