Unless you live under a rock or have a life outside of the media and social media, you know all about Don Lemon’s bigoted segment on Trump supporters where he giggled at Rick Wilson and that other guy as they mocked Americans across the country who disagree with them politically. Nothing says you’re trying to destroy your own network like alienating half the country … way to go Don.

Seriously, the only reason anyone even SAW the clip was because Trump shared it:

It aired TWO days before … and nobody but Rick’s mom probably saw it.

John Fugelsang seems to think it was racist of Trump to call Don Lemon out for Don Lemon’s show.


Or, and hear us out, Trump called Lemon out because it’s HIS SHOW. And he laughed like some mean high school girl while his guests acted like complete jackas*es. It’s almost like John is being racist by saying Trump shouldn’t criticize Lemon because of his skin color.

Ok, this editor laughed far harder at this than she should have.

*sits in corner*

Why WOULDN’T he address Lemon?

This is just such an odd attempt at deflecting from the real story here, and that’s how a CNN pundit allowed two jagoffs to crap all over potential viewers on a network that is already tanking in the ratings because orange man bad.

But sure, play that race card, John.



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